We’re having a small group of friends over for a very casual, very laid back new year’s celebration.  I’ve got laundry going, I’m about to bake spice cookies …. at 2:00 p.m. I put the Sweet and Sour Meatballs in the crockpot, at 4:30 I put the Slim Dunk Dip (sour cream, spinach, dried leek soup, red bell pepper) in the other crockpot … set up the extra tables for games.  I’m expecting 13 people, including ourselves.  Everything is in pretty good shape – I just need to run the vacuum and spotcheck for things that need to be put away.

We weren’t home enough during Christmas for things to get messy, just a little dusty, so that’s good!

I’m thinking we’ll play Balderdash (a word game), maybe Pictionary, possibly dominoes.  We’ll see!

Pictures to follow, for sure! 

Happy New Year’s and be safe, everyone!


4 thoughts on “Getting Ready to Welcome 2009 ….

  1. The camera looks awesome Laura!!  Nice Job that husband of yours did!  sounds like your evening celebration will be fun!  We were suppose to go to a party…but Mr. Kimmy threw his back out!  It’s alright…I hate being out on the roads NYE anyway!Take care and HAPPY NEW YEARS!  Blessingskathy


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