you know, sometimes I think “oh, it would be so nice if he were a little more romantic,” or I didn’t have to hit him with a 2×4 to get my point across ….

And then he does something like this:


Maybe I”M the one who needs to be hit upside the head with a 2×4 ….

He is a sweet man (but don’t let him know I told you) and I am truly blessed, even without the camera …..

I hope that you all have very Merry Christmas and that you are able to see your REAL blessings through all the bows and wrapping paper.

Love to all …..

4 thoughts on “My husband loves me so much …

  1. @pottermom – Merry Christmas to you, too!  We’re heading out the door right now to spend the day with my husband’s family in Galveston — camera in hand!  🙂  Have a great day with your family, too …. and we really do need to plan that lunch/photo expedition in the new year!  🙂


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