They just issued a mandatory evacuation order for our entire county.  I have to try to find some place that I can shelter some of the cats while we are gone.  If we are able to find a hotel that accepts animals, I do not think they will accept the number of animals that we have.  I’ll be back in touch when I am able to do so.


13 thoughts on “Mandatory Evac Ordered for Our Entire County

  1. If you need help, I am up in The Woodlands. I have a fenced backyard for dogs, and the cats can stay in our garage… I know it’s not much but my daughter is allergic to pet dander.  However, I’m willing to help you out in any way I can.  I’m very close to i-45. 


  2. Laura…come to our church….First Baptist Church of Genoa. We will have it open for those who need a place to stay. We are at 12717 Almeda Genoa. Come up 45 to Fuqua, go east on Fuqua to Hwy 3, turn left (north), and then left again on Almeda Genoa. We are a couple of blocks down across from Genoa Elementary School.My phone # is 281-476-9193. Let me know what you want to do. You can bring your animals. My cell is 281-685-6871.


  3. @WiLD4SURFiNG – @SingingMom – Ya’ll are so sweet!  God is so good … right after I found out about the mandatory evacuation, a friend called to tell me that they’d found these little cabins on the other side of Austin … the place has a couple of vacancies and does not have a problem with pets at all.  So our friends are staying in Cabin #1 and we are staying in Cabin #2.  We’re almost finished loading up and we’ll be heading out soon.  I feel so blessed though, to have such thoughtful friends on Xanga.  I expect we’ll be back in 3 or 4 days … and I’ll see ya’ll then!  I love ya’ll!


  4. Steve said tell you that you can watch the channel 11 coverage on They have streaming coverage of the storm. It is moving further north…now predicted to come in at Galveston. But it might hit as only a cat 1.


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