At 5:30 a.m. my county issued a mandatory evacuation for our zip code … we are supposed to evacuate by 10:00 a.m. this morning.  I have gathered up our personal papers, my business papers, and Jami’s homeschool materials on our dining table.  I still have to put my photo albums and negatives in a couple of plastic boxes and throw some clothes in a bag.  Load up the truck and Jeep with all this, then crate up all the animals for the trek to my sister’s house.  While not the ideal situation, she lives further inland than we do and with all our critters (3 dogs, 6 indoor kitties, 2 outdoor kitties) there’s not a hotel in the state that will take us.  I’m just praying that later in the day they do not issue a mandatory evacuation for her zip code.  I don’t think they can “make” you leave, but basically if you ignore the “mandatory” evac order, you are on your own if something catastrophic happens.  They will not send anyone to help you.

I have to go for now … much to do before we leave, but your prayers are appreciated.

10 thoughts on “Major Prayer Request – Hurricane Ike

  1. @SingingMom – We are in the coastal zip codes … not far from Surfside, where they are supposed to expect very high tides.  My sister lives in Alvin … granted it is not that far, but it is farther inland and she lives in a brick house on a concrete foundation … we live in a frame house with siding on pier and beam in a neighborhood that has seen its fair share of flooding when there are very heavy rains.  I did find out that we don’t have to leave immediately … the mandatory label is a “CYA” thing for the city services.  Basically, if an individual chooses to stay they are accepting the fact that there will be no emergency services coming to bail them out after they were told to leave and didn’t.  Our city secretary said that we can leave anytime between now and 7:00 p.m., at which point law enforcement will be patroling for possible looters of properties that have already been vacated.  After 7:00 p.m. tonight we will have to wait until 7:00 a.m. tomorrow to leave … and that is what we are planning on doing.


  2. @TXMom2Jami – Yeah, it might not be a whole lot better, after what I was just watching on channel 11. They are saying landfall just south of Matagorda Bay, around Rockport. But they are expecting us to get some of it, with us being on the wet side. They are calling for voluntary evac of Galveston’s west end now, so that’s not much different than you. Starting to get a little more of that anxious feeling.


  3. Laura….please keep us updated on how you are doing if you can. It’s taken a more northerly turn. @Gill_L – League City should be ok, because it won’t get a direct hit. It will get hurricane force winds, though. League City is only about 30 minutes from us.


  4. @SingingMom – @Gill_L – We are going to my sister’s house in Alvin tomorrow morning.  It’s not far from League City … so I’m hoping for what you said … no direct hit where we are located.  Of course, I don’t know what my house will look like when we get home, but I’m trusting God to take care of that.


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