Don’t know if any of you remember … years ago Robert Redford starred in a movie called “The Great Waldo Pepper” … I’m not much on his politics, but I want to think I remember liking this movie.  Anyway, Waldo’s name has nothing to do with the movie, but it made me think of it for some reason …

I’m rambling.  Sorry.

Here’s a picture of our boy that I took earlier today.  I actually set the camera on the floor, aimed in the general direction and relied on the auto setting.  Not too shabby for a hail Mary shot.  🙂

The blurry little gal in the background is Jami’s kitty … name is still in debate, but I think she may end up calling her “Missy” …

9 thoughts on “The Great Waldo Kitty

  1. actually, I couldn’t remember who said it…but I went back to Anna site and noticed it was you and thought I’d sent the heads up…we have cable, but I think we are playing games I’ll tape it!


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