I haven’t highlighted anything political in a long time, and I’m not really in the mood to wax eloquently on the issues today, but this morning I did read an article by Michael Reagan that made the very accurate point (IMHO) that our energy issues are not necessarily the fault of the Middle East terrorists, but our own environmental terrorists here at home.  Read it for an eloquent and concise commentary that will have you saying, “Amen, brother Mike!”

Yesterday I took my young friend to the Island (that would be Galveston for you non-Texans) to shoot some portraits in and around the Strand.  I think it was a pretty successful venture and she seemed pleased.  Here are some of the shots from our efforts:

Even though her hand is blurred in this shot, I like the way her hair is blowing in the breeze and kind of follows the downward slant of the bannister … she does not like having her picture taken and so I took a lot of shots when she wasn’t expecting it.  Utilizing the speedy quick shutter recovery on my Rebel XT, I just went “click, click, click, click …” and I think it helped avoid the frozen “deer in the headlights” problem a lot of people experience when having their picture taken.

I like this one a lot.  I’d just asked her what was the most stupid thing her brother had ever done … The smile on her face is adorable.

And here are a few shots that I just took for fun …

7 thoughts on “Politics and Portraits

  1. Great shots; I empathize with the young subject as I also hate having my portrait taken.  Because of that, it is difficult to get a decent shot.  My sister, Jennifer, has tried. 
    RYC:  Thank you for your response.  I appreciate validation from someone who is closer to Lakewood.  You’re right in saying that I only see the broadcast-side of the church, and though I have read the books, I still didn’t know there was another aspect of his church.  It is unfortunate that his sibling’s messages don’t get out as well.  –Laura


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