Saturday we discovered ourselves “kid-free” and so we cruised down Bluewater Highway to grab some dinner at Benno’s on the Seawall.  As usual, I took my camera … the darkness of the evening didn’t permit much in the way of photo ops, but I was pretty pleased with the following:

Classic tourist “trap” with lots of cool surf tees, cheesy little ships in plastic bottles and seashells painted with “Galveston, Texas” on the outside and “Made in Japan” stickers on the bottom …

Wish I’d been better able to capture this one … in the daylight you’re able to see that it’s on piers over the beach and the waves come up underneath it …

I LOVE this shot.  There are two of these gigantic shells, one on each side, at the top of the steps leading up to Murdoch’s.  I am not sure if I just never noticed, or if it’s a recent “upgrade,” but they’ve rigged them with these lights that glow somewhat eerily at night.  Why does the movie music from “Jaws” keep running through my mind????

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