Please keep my girl in your prayers. We went to church yesterday and all was fine. But later in the afternoon, she began to feel poorly. She started out running a 103.4 degree temp.  I gave her Motrin, followed by Tylenol 4 hours later (per my sister’s, aka “Nurse Poo”, instructions).  The temp went down some, but it’s been holding at about 100.4 all day today.  I’ve not given her any additional meds now that it’s a “reasonable” temp, since temp is the body’s way of fighting off infection.  Her throat is a little red and so I will probably be taking her to the pediatrician tomorrow. 

She’s a pretty agreeable patient though — she’s reclining on the sofa, watching “The Waltons” DVD’s that my sister loaned her.  I hope she doesn’t get too comfortable with this “Cleopatra” gig!  I’ve got to run – she’d like an apple, thinly sliced . . . LOL

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