I’m pleased to report that “Cleopatra” is doing much better.  Temperature is still hovering around 99.9, but she seems to be feeling fine otherwise.  In addition to watching “The Waltons,” she read a good bit and worked on making beaded bracelets for her friends.  Her throat is a bit red and so I am going to try to get a doctor’s appointment for her tomorrow.  Just to rule out some ugly bugly like strep, or to get antibiotics if necessary.

We are supposed to officially start school tomorrow, but I have a feeling it will be a “light” day.  We’ll probably fill our morning with a couple of Supermath timed quizzes and begin reading “Farmer Boy” aloud.  It’s the first book study in our “Learning Language Arts through Literature” book.  I’m really excited about this curriculum and I think we both will enjoy it greatly.

Have a good one and I’ll see you later!

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  1. Laura, you’re so funny. I can’t get you to blog, even with the gun pointing at you and yet you comment an entire entry on mine. 😆 I don’t mind, really.RYC: Wow, how childish! Even if her marriage is rocky, that’s no excuse to try and make you look foolish. But I do get your point.Gunnar is such a child. He still calls me 2 or 3 times a day and chatters about why he chose the shirt he wore or about a piece of editing equipment that isn’t working that day, nonsensical stuff that I didn’t really care about before, but listened to because I love him. He is so oblivious, he thinks we will be buds and chat all the time on Yahoo IM, exchanging recipes and such. :eek:The rude awakening will come when I leave Sweden, because I’m going to tell him point blank that I am NOT his friend and don’t want to be. He can NOT have his cake and eat it too, as far as I’m concerned. He’ll be shocked, then angry. He’ll try and call someone else to tell them this stuff and realize after they keep blowing him off that I was the only one who cared. By then it will be too late. He will have no one to talk to and he’ll come home to an empty house every night. So be it.


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