Dress rehearsal was absolutely beautiful. 

I have to say that I cried through the first half of the play.  Even the funny parts. 

Why, you ask?  I was so incredibly proud.  You have no idea. 

We started with NOTHING.  Zilch, nada. 

And it has come together in the most beautiful way.  The set is beautiful.  The costumes are beautiful, too.  The cast members have become the characters.  The crews work together smoothly, getting every set change, light and sound cue nailed perfectly.

I’m so incredibly proud!  Especially of my guy and my gal.  Sigh.

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  1. I’ve only been involved in a couple of stage productions and realised that you really have to be in one to appreciate the incredible amount of work that goes into one. Bravo for a successful dress rehearsal and prayers for a great run.


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