I will survive . . .

Some things going on around here:

  • The production crunch before opening night this coming Friday, which involves

    • Wrapping up the play program — it’s gorgeous, considering a very talented graphic artist donated her time and talent to design it for us.  However, there was a bit of a scare — so much information to include, it turned into a veritable memory hog.  Her computer kept freezing up, and although I discovered a few “boo-boo’s” on the last proofing, I’m still not sure that she was able to correct them before taking it to the printer.  Oh, well.  It makes for a funny scrapbook story, I suppose . . .

    • Running like a mad woman around the Brazosport area putting up flyers to encourage ticket sales.  This is NOT fun in 98 degree heat with humidity so thick you feel like you need gills in order to breathe . . .

    • Coming up with a design for the display case in the foyer of the Old School.  The Heritage Foundation had a lovely assortment of t-shirts, baseball caps, etc.  Not quite in keeping with our genteel Civil War era production . . . so I scrounged up some black velvet and lace from my stash of scraps, one of the silver trays we received as a wedding gift, some silver candlesticks and candles, a pretty beaded purse and a string of pearls, and while I have my daughter’s hardback copy of “Little Women” as a backup, there’s a very good chance we will be loaned an 1880’s edition of “Little Women” for our display.  Now to arrange it all beautifully . . .

    • Helping to clean and decorate the room where punch and muffins will be served by the Heritage Foundation on Opening Night.    There is a rather banged up display case in the corner of that room that we’ve covered with purple fabric and white lace swags — I am going to print out the “fun” photos that have been taken during our rehearsals to scatter “artistically” across the fabric.  On a beautiful oak table in the foyer, I am going to display black and white 8×10 portraits of the cast members.

    • I’ll be working the box office all four nights, with the provision that the box office closes five minutes before curtain so that I can actually go and watch the play, too . . .

    • and MOST importantly, praying that Jami gets over this sniffly sore throat thing she came home with last night. . . . she has been so excited to be a part of the production — she can not, CAN NOT be sick Opening Night.

  • Trying to keep my business together — I have clients that I need to take care of, but when, when, WHEN??????

  • Reconciling my checkbooks (personal and business) . . . yuck.

  • Laundry (it never ends . . . how can three people go through so many clothes in such a short amount of time????)

  • Figuring out what to wear to the performances . . . NOTHING in my closet fits . . .

This really isn’t meant to be a “gripe” session . . . I’m actually pretty happy right now.  Just lots to do.

And remember, if you live in the Brazoria area, or even the Houston area, please come on down and see the show . . .

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  1. Thanks for your sweet comment on my site!
    It sounds like the play is coming along really well… I love your plans for the display; I’m sure it will be absolutely beautiful!  And I’ll be praying that Jami will get over her bug and that everything will go smoothly


  2. if you think you go through a lot of laundry, you should see how some days go for the two of us…me being a volunteer firefighter this fire season, I go on some days through several changes just myself. Provided of course that I have long enough between calls to shower and change.


  3. Wow, you have been a busy l’il bee! I hope Jaimie is well on opening night and everything goes off without a hitch. Thank you for your prayers; the situation hasn’t changed but my attitude has and that could make all the difference.


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