I think we may all live . . . horrid, vile, virus has struck our home.  My little girl suffered through it Friday night.  Thought I’d escaped until Sunday night.  Then my guy came home from work early today and has spent the afternoon ill.

You know those moments when you think you’d be better off dead?

This was definitely one of them. 

5 thoughts on “Better off dead . . .

  1. You know those moments when you think you’d be better off dead?
    I remember a line from the Mary Tyler Moore Show, when Lou Grant, suffering from a terrible hangover, says, “Did you ever feel so bad that you’d have to rally to die?”
    Yes, as a matter of fact, I have felt that bad.


  2. “You know those moments when you think you would be better off dead?”
    Yes.  I came down with some horrid stomach virus that my husband had, and I laid on my death bed for about three days, keeping only gatorade down.  There is nothing worse than non-stop nausea, vertigo, and fever.  That was definitely a period of time when I thought I would be better off dead. 


  3. Why did I dislike the tempurpedic bed…. hmmmm…. hard to explain.I felt like I was encased in something and it was hard to change positions.I would sink into the mattress, it supports very well but then I felt as though I couldn’t move or that moving took too much effort… if I rolled over it took a moment for the foam to adjust to my new shape. It just seemed hard to me. And it was hot! (maybe it just affects me more at this time of life… lol) My husband on the other hand loved it, but them he likes to crash and not move the whole night. Not that I’m a tosser and turner but if I sleep in one position all night I wake up sore and that seems to be what happened. I have heard that they have a liberal return policy….. something like you have 90 days or something to try it out and get your money back if you hate it. The return rate is something like 12% Something that everyone experienced with the tempurpedic is that it is a hot bed. what I mean is that it is a warmer mattress and retains body heat more. It is definitely warmer to sleep in. If you sleep hot already you might want to be aware of this. On the plus side I’m told that it takes about a month for the body to get used to a tempurpedic mattress. People who hate them after a week will have adjusted to them after a month and love them so you have to give your body time to adjust to it. I think that’s why they have the 90 day return policy.


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