Well, it’s still not the wonderful bit of writing I promised you, but I figured I’d best check in to let you know that the munchkin is doing much better.  I have a good bit of paperwork to deal with before I turn in for the night.  It just never seems to end.  Between homeschooling, the business, and my home obligations . . .ugh.  I guess I’m just tired.  Sometimes I’d love to shut my business down, but the fact is we depend on the extra income to cover our expenses.  Maybe I need to figure out additional ways to cut corners.  Maybe I need to pray about it and figure out what God wants me to do.  What a novel concept! 

Here’s an update of my girl and Sweetie, our chihuahua:


I think my girl’s eyes look elvish — something about the shape of them just makes me think of some “Lord of the Rings” character, living in Rivendell.    She’s so beautiful!  Yeah, I’m slightly biased, but hey!  I have that maternal right, no?

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