I just sat down to write something entertainingly witty, but my girl has announced that she’d “like some lunch, please.”  She’s been a bit under the weather these last couple of days, poor thing.  We’d planned on participating in “Austin Town” — a historical reenactment of pioneer life in 1832 Texas.  I made her dress (a two-tone red calico with tea-stained apron, using ribbon to gather the sleeves and neckline, as elastic wouldn’t be historically accurate!), found black slippers, and was pretty much ready to go . . . but a 102.6 degree temperature wouldn’t allow it.  Temp’s down to 99.6, but I’m making her rest and drink plenty of fluids.  She has no other symptoms.  I suspect it’s some sort of viral thing blowing through with the changing weather.

I’m off to make a “grilled cheese sammich” for her and will try my hand at writing maybe later this afternoon.  Have a great day –

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