Ebay is a wonderful thing . . .

I’ve been shopping, shopping, shopping for my sweet girl’s school books on eBay.  I am quite tickled to report that I got $60 worth of math materials for $32.  I also got $30 worth of health materials for $17, and $13 worth of spelling materials for $11.  Keep in mind that the first value does not include tax or shipping, and the second value is tax-free and includes shipping.  So I’m feeling pretty good about things.

I still have a few bids in on language materials, science materials, and penmanship materials — these will be ending in a few hours.  Hopefully my maximum bids will be enough to stave off any last minute bidders and yet still save me some money.

I’ve decided to use Abeka Book for most of our remaining subjects.  I mentioned that we’ll be using Susan Wise Bauer’s “The Story of the World, Vol. I” for our history studies in an earlier post, because it just seems so much more logical to start history studies at the beginning of history.  We’ll also be using a Latin program.  However, since we’re relatively new to the homeschooling scene and I am trying to run a business at the same time — we’re going to use some “easy” materials that are pretty straight forward and do not require a lot of “legwork” for math, grammar/spelling, and science. 

I don’t feel like we’re using a “curriculum in a box,” because I am tweaking the things that are really important to me (like the logical study of history), but for this first year, I think the Abeka path will make the transition a little more smooth, a little less painful for all involved.  We won’t be using the reading materials because Girlie is well beyond 4th grade level reading materials — so we’ll be using the library for that.

In addition, we’ve discovered some WONDERFUL supplementals to our studies.  The Girl will be taking dance (ballet, specifically) once a week, homeschool choir and recorder band classes once a week, as well as continuing to participate in her 4-H club.  She and her daddy plan to volunteer at the local SPCA a couple of times a month, too.

I don’t think she’ll lack for things to keep life interesting and to alleviate any concerns of those who think we’re trying to put her in a “bubble” by homeschooling.  Do you?

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