Thank you for your comments re: my dilemma . . .

I’ve come to the conclusion that I worry much too much about these things.  The likelihood of anyone even needing warranty service is pretty minimal because when I say these things are top-quality, I’m not whistling Dixie.  The company was in business for over 30 years and did top-rate work.  However, three years ago the husband passed away unexpectedly and it’s been very hard for the wife to keep things going.  I have to commend her in that she’s done a marvelous job these three years — maintaining high quality standards, meeting and beating deadlines and always being very pleasant about it.  She is moving to another company that manufactures similar products — her title will be sales representative, and from what I understand, a few of her best employees will be making the transition with her.  So if I ever do have a situation, I do have a place to go to for repairs.  It’s just that more than likely there will be a fee involved.

Otherwise . . .

After my man ripped all the wood paneling down, sheet rocked and textured the walls, I spent the last two days painting the ceiling and walls with Kilz to seal the extremely dry texture.  Ohmigoodness – you could hear the loudest of slurping sounds every time I touched the paint roller to the wall.  I put two coats of Kilz on the walls because I didn’t want all of my “pretty” paint sucked into the insulation!

Now I have to paint the ceiling with honest-to-goodness ceiling paint and then I can start on the “fun” part.  I put “fun” in quotes because I really don’t like to paint, but at least now I’ll be utilizing color and seeing something happen on my walls. 

I’m excited about a couple of light fixtures I found at Lowe’s.  I won’t be able to get them right away because they are about $65 each, but they are pretty AND fluorescent — which means great light for a office/library/classroom, not to mention energy-efficient.  I’ll have to save my pennies, but I think they will look very nice and meet the need, too.

Well, I’ve got much work and laundry to do before turning in for the night.  Catch ya’ll later!

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