Yes . . . I’m still alive.  I can’t believe I haven’t written anything on my own blog in over a month.  I’ve been checking in with all of you, reading what’s going on in your lives and commenting here and there, but personally . . .

It’s been pretty busy around here.  And I’ve had a hard time thinking of anything interesting to write about if for no other reason than the usual stuff going on doesn’t seem all that interesting.  And heaven knows, this is supposed to be entertaining, or why in the world would you read it?

Well, interesting or not — here’s what’s been going on:

The Little Miss took a sign language class at the local rec center and loved it.  I’m definitely going to have to explore homeschool courses so she can dig deeper into this form of communication.  She’s always been fascinated by languages — one of her good friend’s parents are from Mexico and she loves learning new words from them.  Could this fascination be linked to her strong verbal skills?  I think it might! 

I’ve been running from appointment to appointment selling blinds and shutters here and there.  Cool beans, for sure.  However, let me warn you if you ever go into business for yourself – do not file your sales tax return late, even the teeniest tiniest bit late.  I file on-line and was trying to get it done before the midnight deadline.  Well, starting three minutes earlier would have saved me $88 in late fees and penalties.  I finished at 12:03 a.m. sharp . . . but not sharp enough for the state comptroller.  Oh, well.

My house is a disaster area right now.  It’s driving me nuts.  We are doing a little bit of updating on the front room right off the entry hall.  Keep in mind, our little house on the coast is 55 years old.  Do you remember “wood” paneling?  This front room (that I intend to use as a office/library/school room) was covered in wood paneling.  Ugly, cheap wood paneling.  Painting it would not lessen its ugly cheapness.  My man promised to help me update this room and it has turned into a messy project. 

He tore down the paneling and was pleased to discover that there was some sheetrock behind the paneling, meaning less expense for us (we only had to buy two sheets to finish out the part that was bare studs).  You should have seen the original paint color on this sheetrock!  Keep in mind 1950’s decor – and this room was the kitchen before the original owners added on.  The kitchen walls were


Yes!  Oh, my.  Well, the turquoise has been laid to rest in that my man had to add sheetrock, tape and float everything and then re-texture the walls so the surface was consistent all the way around the room.  I only wish we’d been able to lay the turquoise to rest without the clouds of sheetrock dust that have settled on every nearby surface.  I feel like I have chalk on my lips all the time.  Part of the job, part of the job.

I have to do a little cleaning and then I can get ready to paint.  I consulted with my very gifted sister on paint colors and FINALLY made a decision.  I swear I get ulcers over this kind of thing.  Especially when some paints run $36 per gallon.  Who can afford that kind of mistake?  I’m glad I talked to her, though, because she actually steered me towards different colors in a different brand that is much more reasonably priced ($22 per gallon).  And I like the colors so much better.

The room is a 16 x 9 foot rectangle.  The 9 ft. wall on the front of the house has a tall window dead-center.  I plan to paint that wall American Traditions “Savannah Red”.  The other three walls will be painted American Traditions “Filoli Gold Ecru”.  All the trim and doors will be painted American Traditions “Wooden Wagon”.  I think it will be a really warm and welcoming kind of room.  I have a futon that I plan to center on the red wall with the window — with floor lamps on each side.  A perfect place to curl up with assigned or pleasure reading, don’t you think?  When you look at the futon, bookcases that my guy is building for me will line the wall to the right and my computer desk will be on the wall to the left.  My girl’s desk will be on the wall opposite the futon. 

I need to find a world map and print out a copy of The Ten Commandments to hang on the wall.  I think I will also hang some of my photographs from the county fair and some of my girl’s artwork.  I’m excited, but I’ll be so glad when it’s done.  And we can enjoy it!

The dryer’s buzzed and I need to fold some towels.  I hope you’ve enjoyed my little update — as normal and routine as it may be! 

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