Well, this is exciting — I just received an email from a fellow homeschooler.  Apparently there is a relatively new group in our area offering supplemental classes to homeschoolers.  The classes will be held at a local church once a week.  I’m not really that interested in the academic-type classes because I think we have a handle on those for the time-being.  (Ask me if that’s the case when we hit upper-level math and science . . .  )

So what’s so exciting?  They will be offering a CHOIR class for 6 – 11 year olds.  Yeah!  My girl loves to sing and loved choir at her elementary school last year.  I was worried about filling that void in her educational experience.  The class has 7 openings left at this point and it’s first come, first serve.  Late registration begins tomorrow morning and ends Saturday evening or when the classes are full.  My niece and nephew would like to participate, too, so I’m hoping we get in. 

Cross your fingers, say a prayer, and hope we get in!  Thanks.

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