AJ and I installed some window treatments earlier this evening (that would be Thursday).  We’d almost finished with the job and had all our installation paraphenalia by the front door on the very hard tile floor ready to be loaded into the truck.  You can only imagine how embarrassed I was when I caught my toe on our folded ladder  and fell flat out.  Not only that, but with eagle’s eye accuracy, in trying to catch myself I

(a) jammed my right ring finger between the ladder handle and tray, and

(b) landed on the ladder,

(c) firmly pinching said finger between ladder handle and tray.

Ohmygosh, it hurt.  I have a little bluish-black spot under my nail — very small, so I’m thinking I won’t lose my nail.  But it did hurt so very much!  And to compound the humiliation, I think my client saw it all happen . . . he said, “Are you okay?” so I’m not sure if he saw me fall or just saw the aftermath.

Just call me “Grace.” 

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  1. if it helps, I managed to foul up two of my fingers pretty badly in the past two days…one while washing a truck and one while closing a security file drawer (government surplus. this sucker’s heavy, and it smashes pretty hard.)P.T. Ferriola: Sec. of State – NGGCM


  2. Well, considering that it was my own clumsiness and no fault of my client’s, no, I won’t be contacting my lawyers.  I reserve that action for jerks that rear-end me, pushing me into another pickup truck and then refuse to let me borrow their cell phone to call my husband . . . (Yes!  It really happened to me!)


  3. I really felt sorry for the little munchkins in the Target cart . . .
    That’s depressing.  Those poor kids!  And to think, the mother blaims their behavior on them, rather than on her own inattention.


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