I am so depressed right now.  It’s not anything that serious, but it is very upsetting to me.  When Jami was born, my sister crocheted a beautiful baby afgham for her — the one I wrapped her in to bring her home from the hospital.  My sister is very, very talented when it comes to tying knots in yarn and this afghan had a beautiful design. 

For years I’ve kept it hanging on a quilt rack in Jami’s room, and occasionally Jami would use it when she was chilly.  Recently I put it in the laundry room hamper so I could wash it.  Last night it was on top of the pile in the hamper, next in line.

This morning AJ apparently discovered it on the floor and threw it back in the hamper.  When I went out to switch out a load of wash, I discovered that the dogs had chewed three holes in it.

I am just sick.

I know it’s just an afghan, but I’m a very sentimental person and it makes me so sad.  I’m hoping my sister can patch it so we will at least have part of the original afghan.  They’re not really big holes so maybe she can patch them.  I hope so. 

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  1. That’s no good… but if you were to tell your sister how much the blanket meant to you, do you think she could fix it?  Sometimes missing strings, etc. can be sewn back in, and it’s hardly noticeable.  Anyhow, she’ll know how much it meant to you, and that might really make her day.


  2. I’ve talked to her and she’s going to see what she can do — I’m not even expecting her to “make it like new” — I mainly want her to stabilize the holes somehow so they don’t become worse.  Believe me, she knows how much it means to me and more importantly, the reason it means so much is because she means so much!  I’m sure sometimes people get sick of hearing me babble about her, but I do have an awesome “little” sister (“little” because she’s almost 32; however, I’m 41!)


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