All things serious should be balanced with a little silliness! 

The Hobbit Name Generator


The Elvish Name Generator

If I were a Hobbit, I would be Ruby Boffins of Whitburrow!  And if I were an elf, I would be Nessa Mithrandir.

Interestingly enough, I think I prefer the Hobbit name.  It just seems more . . . jolly!  And I think I’d rather be a jolly Hobbit.  Actually, I think it’s their houses, ahem, hobbit holes that attract me.  I absolutely LOVED Bilbo Baggins’ Hobbit Hole.  Round doors, leaded windows, roaring fireplaces, hallways that twist and turn everywhere.  Rivendell was beautiful, but the Shire was more interesting to me, anyway.

If you’re inclined, let me know what your names are in my comments section! 

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  1. Like you said, Wise Moose:  “Sound the alarm, Bloggers!”
    The image I have of Hillary is after September 11, when she was mocking President Bush during his speech to the country.  That showed her true self–insolent, incapable of respect, limitlessly self-righteous. 
    I just hope others remember her that night as well.


  2. You are supposed to like the hobbit one better. It is based on english, whereas the Elvish should sound foreign, austere, brilliant and terrible.But the main reason I wrote was to express my thanks for your story about your husband’s woodworking, beginning with the sad paper-towel holder (on darkstar). It was very touching and instructive. I love those kinds of simple, powerful and illuminating stories. I might even use it someday in preaching. Thanks.


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