If you’re in college, planning to go to college, or the parent of a college student/pre-college student, if college is anywhere in your future or the future of someone you love, please read Mike Adams’ column today.  This man has become a loud voice for the rights of conservative, Christian college students across the country.  So if you’ve run into similar discrimination on your campus, he might be a good person to contact if you want to get some attention focused on your situation.

2 thoughts on “

  1. I simply cannot believe what passes for “education” these days.  It’s as though colleges have gone out of their way to hire the most shrill, hypersenstive, bigoted liberals they could find.


  2. I would recommend Dr. Adams’columns to everyone regardless of their relation to college students if any. It’s important to know that this is what goes on in those far-left indoctrination camps.P.T. Ferriola: Sec. of State


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