Blue Christmas . . .

I’m feeling blue right now.  Finally the rounds are complete, we’ve made all the appearances, and now it’s time to take down the tree, clean the house, and return to normal life.

I just wish normal life didn’t include humid, almost muggy weather with a high temp in the mid 70’s just four days after my White Christmas.

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  1. Thank you.  I’m not too terribly blue . . . it was a wonderful Christmas and I’m grateful for that.  I think part of what I’m dealing with is weariness.  Just being tired and having a great deal to do.  Some of the weariness is from the activity of the season, and some of it is from not taking proper care of myself.  I’d say I’m making “New Year’s Resolutions” to lose weight, exercise, get more rest, etc., etc., etc.  But resolutions always get broken.  So I’m committing to improve those things rather than setting myself up for failure with some completely unrealistic goals.
    Baby steps, you know.


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