Feeling a wee bit better . . .

I’ve got a to-do list as long as I am tall, but that’s okay!  I’m feeling better about things (even with the yucky weather) and adjusting my attitude to embrace the thought of how nice things will be when I’ve finished all the things that need to be done.  I’ve a few business items to complete before year-end, laundry to do, Christmas decorations to be packed away, grocery shopping to do . . . if I just tackle it in little bits, it will all get done.  To paraphrase Dory in Finding Nemo,

“Just keep working, just keep working . . . “

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  1. I agree with you comments on Colnel’s site. As in Lord of the Rings …there are many magic rings but they’re rings of evil too. Smeagol was a nice guy until he found the One Ring and thus became Gollum. Libaries are a good thing but you cannot place Sauron’s Ring along side of “Alice in Wonderland.”


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