I know I should probably be discussing this evening’s debate, but . . .

there’s not a whole lot I can say.  I’m a big fan of Dick Cheney’s intellect, and I despise lawyers that use other people’s misery to make themselves rich.  So it was difficult to watch with a unbiased attitude.  Cheney is great, and gracious, and exhibited the ultimate in class when Edwards was so crass as to bring Cheney’s daughter into the debate.  When Cheney only responded with thanks for Edward’s words, my husband said, “I bet you he promised his daughter that he wouldn’t bring her life preference into the political arena.”  He has a heck of a lot more self-control than I would have.  Maybe I’m wrong, but I thought it was completely inappropriate for Edwards to “make it personal”.

On a more frivolous front . . .

I had to run over to Wolf Camera to have some 8 x 10 enlargements of my entries for the county fair done.  I’ve been so busy, I’ve not had a chance to do them, and they have to be turned in Saturday!  Wolf could do them same day (whereas the local chains said 2 weeks!) — so I dropped them off and did a little “killing time” shopping.  Stopped by “Famous Footwear” to discover they were having a “going out of business” sale.  Got a pair of Clark’s — adorable leather mules that originally sold for $70.00.  Got them for $22!  Yeah, baby!  They are so comfortable.  My sister swears by Clark’s.

Then I stepped inside DSW.  Have no clue what that stands for, but it was the biggest shoe store I’ve ever been in.  And oh, my goodness.  Talk about candy for the eyes.  Row upon row upon row upon row of the most delightful shoes.  Expensive, dressy shoes.  Comfortable, casual shoes.  Etienne Aigner, Ralph Lauren, Cole-Hahn, Born, Nina, you name it — they have it.  I think I saw the thigh-high boots Julia Roberts wore in “Pretty Woman,” too.  Shoes that looked like jewelry for the foot.  Sigh.  It made me want to lose weight just so I could buy clothes to match all the beautiful shoes . . .

(I was a shoe-aholic in my earlier life . . .)

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  1. “Designer Shoe Warehouse.” It is SHOE HEAVEN.And those boots have been super popular for years. lol I have…um…2 or 3 pair…lol!(I picked up 2 pairs of gorgeous, classic Charles David pumps for only $30 a pair. And Anne Klein shoes super-cheap…and Chinese Laundry…shoes! shoes! shoes!)


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