Appeasing the Law, Danbury Style; Expanding My Literary Horizons (aka Filling in the Gaps of My College Education)

I spent three hours this morning at the local Firestone having my oil changed, truck inspected, and then purchasing a new tire since the vehicle inspector refused to pass my truck.  I guess he was worried about the steel showing through my right rear tire.  Anyway, the oil was overdue (Scott at the Firestone knows without me telling him:  Gimme’ the superduper engine cleaner oil change . . . or as I say when I walk through the door:  “I’ll have the usual . . . “)  The inspection sticker was also overdue.  Yes, it expired January 31, 2004.  But I’ve been busy!  Poor AJ.  He drove the truck to Alvin the other day and took the scenic route through Danbury.  Stopped at the stoplight and a police car passing through the intersection nailed him.

Not only did he get nailed for the out-of-date inspection sticker, but he didn’t have a current insurance card on him, so he got nailed for that, too.  He was so sweet.  He could have read me the riot act and within his rights, too, but he didn’t.  So I got a new insurance card into his hands, got the inspection done, and Danbury tells us that we’ll only have to pay $10 per citation.  I’d say we were getting off cheap, except the tire was $100.

After that ordeal, Jami and I went to the library.  She picked up her favorites:  Nancy Drew and The Boxcar Children.  I decided that there were some holes in my education, and so I checked out Jane Austen’s “Persuasion,” and the collected works of Charlotte and Emily Bronte.  Also some novel of Louisa May Alcott’s that was discovered after her death.  I must be feeling guilty for reading “fluff” the last few months.  Seriously, I read good books, but they are not truly great literature.  So I’m going to exercise the old gray matter there.

Catch you later!

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  1. Ugh. I refuse to pick up another Jane Austen novel since I was forced to read The Awakening. I mean, really. You have a whole week dedicated to depression and suicide awareness, and then you feed us literature almost guaranteed to send you into a depression spiral?Not to mention the whole time warp thing. But that’s another story.


  2. I guess I can see your point.  However, I find that reading something that gives me a “good” cry can be very cathartic . . . much like a good Greek tragedy.  All that pent up frustration with day to day life gone, plus realizing that my life is really very good compared to what some of the characters had to suffer.
    And I love history, so time travel through the pages of a book is a delight.


  3. That’s not quite the type of time warp/travel I was referring to.See, me, my friend Nat, and my friend David, all experienced odd feelings of deja vu when we were reading this book. In fact, we all witnessed what seemed to be an impossible event.And while their testimony might be suspect due to their occasional use of illicit substances, I have never used any illegal drugs in my life.That’s what I was referring to when I said something about the time warp thing.


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