Reuven — Since you’re growing habaneros, I thought you might find the following interesting:



Scoville Heat Units

Red Savina Habanero 350-550,000
Habanero (Scotch Bonnet) 200-300,000
Thai 70-80,000
Chiltepin 70-80,000
Santaka 50-60,000
Tabasco 30-50,000
Chilipiquin 30-40,000
Cayenne 35-40,000
Serrano 7-25,000
Chile de Arbol 15-30,000
Jalapeño 3.5-4,500
Ancho Poblano 2.5-3,000
Anaheim 1-1,500
Bell Pepper 0


It looks to me as though the humble jalapeno can’t raise a candle to the mighty habanero!

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