Did I tell you I joined a Bunco group?  Now, I’ve only played Bunco one other time and it was many years ago, but I vaguely remembered enjoying myself.  So when Lisa invited me to join the new group her friend, Andrea, was starting, I said yes.

Our first game night was Thursday night.  Andrea has the group set up where we visit and eat the first hour and then play Bunco the second hour.  There are twelve gals total, three tables of four each.  Each gal hosts Bunco Night once a year, so it’s really easy on the whole group as far as hostessing responsibilities go.

After a yummy meal, Andrea went over the game rules (apparently there are many variations of the game — in this particular one, we only roll for sixes and we use a point clock to keep score).  We started playing, and oh, my!  Did it get loud in that house!  We were hollering and laughing — I rolled the first Bunco (three sixes) of the evening, but one of my table mates grabbed the dice before I could and so I lost the Bunco.  The next time I rolled a Bunco, I practically dove across the table to grab the dice before they could be stolen from me!  We all had a good laugh when someone said, “Bunco is NOT a contact sport!” 

When the hour was up, Andrea tallied up who had the most Bunco’s, the most wins, the second most of each, the least, etc., and then passed out prizes.  It was a lot of fun!  The prizes all had a patriotic theme because of Memorial Day in May, and Lisa doesn’t decorate for Memorial Day or 4th of July, so she gave me her little decorative figure.  It took some of the sting out of not winning (10 out of 12 people get a prize, and I was one of the two who didn’t!)  On top of that, we drew names to see who would host for each month and I got June!  Can you believe it?  No prize, and I get to host the next one!  Seriously, I think it’s funny and the real prize was just getting out and having some fun with some new friends.

I’m trying to think up a cute theme between now and the third Thursday in June.  Beach Party?  Luau?  Pink Flamingos?  Hmmmmm . . . .

If anyone reads this and has any ideas, please feel free to share . . .

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