Today’s been an average Saturday, as Saturdays go.  Jami went to spend the night with her grandma (AJ’s mom), so we stayed up late watching “Braveheart” for the umpteenth time.  Neither one of us gets tired of seeing tha tmovie.  I don’t cry quite so hard anymore, but I still get weepy-eyed. 

Because we stayed up so late, and then like a goofball, I read for another hour or so, I slept LATE this morning.  Late, as in noonish!  Then I read some more, because I thought Jami wasn’t coming home until tomorrow.  Surprise!  She decided she wanted to come on home (she doesn’t care for going to church with her grandparents — likes our church better) and my mother-in-law decided to come with her, spend the night, and go to church with us in the morning.

So of course, I had to get my rear in gear and clean house, change sheets, do laundry.  I’m exhausted.  Oh, well.  They’re here!

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