I think I would like to scream.  If any of you are in a “service” type industry, where you provide quotes in hopes of securing sales . . . I’d like your honest opinion.  Wouldn’t you rather hear from someone telling you that they’ve decided to purchase from someone else, than to be left hanging . . . not knowing whether they’ve decided to purchase from someone else, have been busy, or maybe just need to wait a while?

I recently attempted to contact a potential client.  Left a pleasant message on their answering machine.  “Did you get the quote?  Do you have any questions?  Please feel free to call me.”  Didn’t hear anything for a while.  Left a second message after about a week.  Waited a couple more weeks and then left the following, “Hi.  Just checking in.  If you’ve decided to do something different, I would appreciate a return call so that I can close out your file.  Thanks.”

I got frustrated when my call wasn’t returned and decided to call the client’s cell phone.  Pleasantly inquired if the jury was out.  No, it wasn’t.  They decided to order from someone else. 

I can respect that.  Just give me a call, for crying out loud and tell me so your file doesn’t clutter up my desk.  Thank you.

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  1. I think that my biggest aggravation is this:
    Many of the homes that I go to measure windows in are still under construction.  I live in Texas, near the coast.  Well, hey — it gets pretty darned hot when you’re measuring window #35 and there’s no breeze blowing!  Sweat’s running down your temples and the middle of your back and you can’t hurry because the measurements must be precise to be able to do the job properly.  So in the process of providing my FREE estimates, I work really hard! 
    Once I get the measurements, there’s tons of math to calculate my costs and how much of a discount I can give the potential client and still make a fair profit.
    When they don’t return my call, it’s like being stood up on a blind date . . . you know?  Should I wait a little longer, just in case he shows up . . . or should I just say “to heck with it” and go put on my jammies?
    I don’t guess I should complain too much.  We’re a two person operation (myself and my sister), unless you count my husband (who does our installations) and my 8 year old daughter (who picks up the packaging and puts it in a trash bag for $5).  It totally blew my doors off when I realized that we sold almost $65K worth of window coverings in 2003.  Our profits for the year were about $20K. 
    Pretty good for a couple of mommies working out of their homes!


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