Man — every columnist at  is hitting the nail on the head today.  Brent Bozell had the following to say, which is similar to my previous post except that it points out that there are some 9/11 families that honestly do hate the president (and in my opinion, probably did before 9/11 ever happened):

The idea that the activists who forced the creation of this politicized “independent” commission were just a group of nonpartisan widows with no political axes to grind. How dishonest.

 For weeks now, the networks have celebrated a very selective set of widows to dish out their anti-Bush outrage and ignored the families who support President Bush. On the day of Rice’s testimony, NBC and then MSNBC championed four women known as the “Jersey Girls,” who uniformly hate Bush, especially Kristen Breitweiser, who has coldly and routinely declared that 3,000 Americans were “murdered on Bush’s watch.”

 Meanwhile, a Nexis search quickly shows that NBC has aired no news story with the words “widow” and the U.S.S. Cole, where terrorists killed 17 Americans in 2000. NBC aired no news story with the words “widow” and the embassy in Kenya, where terrorists killed 12 Americans in 1998. NBC aired no news story with the words “widow” and the Khobar Towers in Saudi Arabia, where terrorists killed 19 Americans in 1996. These grieving families have never been given a nationwide TV platform on NBC to express their opinions on how the Clinton administration handled investigations of those incidents.

How I long for 9/10 before any of this happened, and even for 9/12 . . . when for a brief moment our grief dissolved partisan labels and we were simply “Americans.” 

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  1. Amen.
    I’m so sick of it, too.
    How can they truly believe that any man would have wanted to allow the killing of all those people? I mean really and truly allowed that to happen?
    It makes me SOOOO ANGRY.


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