Kicking and Screaming . . .

but not really.

I’ve been going through photos for a “graduates” slide show that will play during the home school graduation ceremony in May.  I have to narrow it down to 13 photographs that will display while the audience hears a recorded message from me and AJ to Jami.  It is SO hard to narrow 18 years down to 13 photos.  And I haven’t even begun to write the message yet (which cannot be any longer than 90 seconds — thankfully, I can talk pretty fast, so I should be able to squeeze a lot in).

Since she’s going to community college for a year or two, it’s not like she’ll be leaving home the day after she graduates.  But I am still having a hard time with this!  I want to set the clock back, but that’s not the way life goes.  And I’ll be okay later.  But for right now, I do feel like kicking and screaming (quietly).

One of my favorite photos of my girl.
One of my favorite photos of my girl.

Because of Who She Is

So my daughter is about to graduate from high school.  I can’t believe how fast the time flew (although everyone warned me it would) and I’m kidding myself if I think four years of college isn’t going to fly by just as fast or faster.  She’ll be an adult, looking for a job – hopefully one that she enjoys and from which she derives great fulfillment (and pays the bills).  These last few weeks, I’ve worried.  Did I do a good job?  Is she ready?  Prepared?  Did our homeschool/unschool/independent study way of doing things prepare her well enough for college and the years beyond?

And then I read things she writes, like her most recent blog post below, and I take a deep breath and feel the worry slipping away (a little).  She’s got a good head on her shoulders and she has strong communication skills and the ability to think things through.  Her priorities are in order and I can’t help but believe that she is going to be just fine.  Because of who she is, not what I did or didn’t do.

My Beautiful Girl

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