but not really.

I’ve been going through photos for a “graduates” slide show that will play during the home school graduation ceremony in May.  I have to narrow it down to 13 photographs that will display while the audience hears a recorded message from me and AJ to Jami.  It is SO hard to narrow 18 years down to 13 photos.  And I haven’t even begun to write the message yet (which cannot be any longer than 90 seconds — thankfully, I can talk pretty fast, so I should be able to squeeze a lot in).

Since she’s going to community college for a year or two, it’s not like she’ll be leaving home the day after she graduates.  But I am still having a hard time with this!  I want to set the clock back, but that’s not the way life goes.  And I’ll be okay later.  But for right now, I do feel like kicking and screaming (quietly).

One of my favorite photos of my girl.
One of my favorite photos of my girl.

3 thoughts on “Kicking and Screaming . . .

    1. You’ve been kind of busy the last few days/weeks! It’s all good, and I’m glad you enjoyed the picture. It’s one of my favorites of my girl. I am still hoping we can get together at some point this week, or next week. The weather’s so stinkin’ nasty, I’m not sure I want either one of us on the road, though, until it clears up a bit.


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