What was your first job?

I worked in a jewelry store the summer after I graduated from high school.  I spent the days wiping down the glass jewelry cases, dusting all the gift items, and learning to engrave items like money clips and cigarette lighters, silver trays and baby cups.  It was an old family owned store that carried tons of stuff … I remember buying my mom the prettiest crystal box for her birthday in June.  Little did I know it was a cigarette box.  When you flipped the lid over, it made a little ashtray.  I felt so silly.  I don’t know what happened to that little box.

When the summer ended, a position opened up for me at a local pharmacy.  Better hours and a little more challenging than the jewelry store.  I worked behind the counter, typing prescription labels and keeping track of drug inventory.  I think they require you to have a certification to do that nowadays. 


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