What I Hope for in November?

A question was posed on Facebook earlier — “what do you hope for in November?” I didn’t know the person asking the question personally to know what his endgame was, but it got me to thinking about how this day has gone since Cruz and Kasich both suspended their campaigns.

I’ve seen terrible debates, vitriolic anger even. People able to look past the litany of his questionable behaviors (or sins for those of us who are more faith minded) are passionately entreating others to vote for Trump so Hillary won’t win. Guilt is used as a weapon — if those who take moral issue with Trump don’t vote, it will be their fault that Hillary wins.

It’s this high-pressured, anger driven demand for my vote that made me really examine the fact that it’s my vote to do with as I will. To use on Election Day, or to “throw away” as the Trump supporters would claim. Somehow in the examination of my vote, I started to think about what I would do in other high-pressured “my way or the highway” situations. Situations like this one:

In the last days, we will be forced to choose. Choose the way of man (the antichrist), or fidelity to Christ. Fidelity to Christ will not be a popular choice for those who don’t truly forsake all others, including themselves. Fidelity to Christ will mean suffering, persecution, even death. Most likely death. DEATH. And yet, I have people yelling that I must choose Trump. If I don’t, terrible things are going to happen. My taxes may go up (again). My guns may be taken away. I may not be able to speak freely and they may even tell me I can’t go to church. The truth is, these things may still happen, even with Trump. His claim to Christianity is thin and as the man who wrote The Art of the Deal, I’m pretty sure Trump says whatever Trump thinks he needs to say at that moment to gain his objective, which is the presidency.

Ultimately, whatever may happen to me under a Trump or Hillary presidency, it can’t be as bad or worse as the consequences for compromising my faith.

Unless I get some clear sense of peace about voting for Trump, I won’t be able to do so. A man who says he sees no need to ask forgiveness from Christ is full of pride which, if you’ll remember, is the same sin that led to Lucifer’s fall from the angels. Of course, I did read the article below earlier, which gives a more positive, although painful spin on what a Trump presidency might do for America. If my vote will help bring this about, hopefully the Lord will give me peace about voting for Trump. Of course, I don’t think this is what the Trump supporters have in mind when they say he’s going to “make American great again.”

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Our Best Hope

So you get two posts today! Or maybe more — there’s still daylight left before we leave the fourth behind.

This election mess has people crosseyed in their passion regarding #nevertrump and #neverhillary. It startles me to see family members and close friends so angry with each other over personal conviction regarding the sacredness of one’s vote. I’m trying very hard to steer clear of conversations that will provoke debate. Debate? That’s the wrong word. Barroom brawling is probably a more precise description of what threatens to break out as a result of opinion. Thank heavens for the internet, which puts a bit of distance between the opponents.

Chatting with a family member online, we agreed that whatever happens in November, ultimately our trust has to be in the Lord. No matter what happens in DC, God is who will see us through the times ahead. She gave me permission to share the following, which I think is so true:

Elections are important and they have consequences for supporters and dissenters alike, but our best hope of righting the ship is in how we live.

Our best hope of righting the ship is in how we live…

So we seek to truly live according to His word and in the process the ship begins to turn…