So you get two posts today! Or maybe more — there’s still daylight left before we leave the fourth behind.

This election mess has people crosseyed in their passion regarding #nevertrump and #neverhillary. It startles me to see family members and close friends so angry with each other over personal conviction regarding the sacredness of one’s vote. I’m trying very hard to steer clear of conversations that will provoke debate. Debate? That’s the wrong word. Barroom brawling is probably a more precise description of what threatens to break out as a result of opinion. Thank heavens for the internet, which puts a bit of distance between the opponents.

Chatting with a family member online, we agreed that whatever happens in November, ultimately our trust has to be in the Lord. No matter what happens in DC, God is who will see us through the times ahead. She gave me permission to share the following, which I think is so true:

Elections are important and they have consequences for supporters and dissenters alike, but our best hope of righting the ship is in how we live.

Our best hope of righting the ship is in how we live…

So we seek to truly live according to His word and in the process the ship begins to turn…

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