It’s 10:27 pm and I’m choosing to write a quick post before taking care of business. It’s no secret that I have time management issues and am somewhat of a procrastinator. Oh, let’s call a spade a spade and correct that:

I am a procrastinator.

There. That’s much more honest. Ha!

A while ago I was internally bemoaning that there’s so much yet to do with the Engaged Girl’s wedding and my business has suddenly gotten very busy. Clients are wanting quotes on custom window treatments. I need to find shoes for the wedding. I need to trim and frame the table numbers for the reception. I still have to design, print, and assemble wedding program fans (because an outdoor wedding in Texas in September could go either way when it comes to (a) what we hope for—that first tiny breath of a cool front, or (b) August, The Sequel.)

The positive perspective on this is thank goodness, there are clients wanting window treatments! And thank goodness, my dress for the wedding is long, so a simple pair of flats (either navy or nude) will do fine. And thank goodness, the fans will not be that hard to put together while we watch a movie (Father of the Bride, anyone?) and will serve double-duty in an adorable way.

So here’s to looking at all life throws our way from a positive perspective!

4 thoughts on “Choosing a Positive Perspective

  1. At my wedding, my dad held it together as long as he was standing, and his new shoes were pinching his feet. When he sat down after walking me down the aisle and giving me away, and the pressure was off, he lost it and began sobbing. The preacher had to speak up to be heard. hahaha

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      1. Because P. was 20 minutes late for the start tjme, the lady in charge thought I’d been stood up at the alter and gave me a valium. I’d never taken a tranqulizer before, and I don’t remember much of any of it. I couldn’t describe the flowers, the decorations at the reception, just not much. I don’t remember reacting to Daddy’s tears at all.


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