So what’s up with you? I’d love to see some comments below — let me know how you are, what’s happening in your life, even if it’s only a couple of sentences.

Life’s pretty good here. It’s a little weird to be living a normal, non-eventful life when I know there are so many people dealing with the after effects of hurricanes and floods. I’m still working on putting things away after being gone for a number of days. As I put them (photos, negatives, sentimental this and that) back where they belong, I’m trying to cull the things that really aren’t important and organize the things that make the cut. Part of the reason: it was incredibly stressful trying to figure out which boxes to grab and which to leave behind when I evacuated. My goal is two-fold: to better organize my memories so that they can be enjoyed, and so it’s easier to secure them if we are ever threatened by storms again.

This past week has been a banner week business-wise. I had two appointments with potential window covering clients, and I am thrilled to say they have both selected me as their source. I am doing twenty plantation shutters for one client, and a combination of plantation shutters, decorative roller shades, and 2 1/2″ blinds (8 shutters, 9 shades, and 4 blinds) — so that is a real blessing. I have a couple of appointments on the schedule next week, too.

I’m hoping to finish up the editing of the photos I took during our “mother of all road trips” this summer and then I’ll share a little bit about our adventure. I should have already blogged about it, but truthfully I’ve been a bit overwhelmed by documenting an 18 day trip that covered over 4,500 miles. Our trip exceeded our (mine, for sure) expectations in so many ways — I just don’t know that I’ll ever be able to express it adequately. But I will try.

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  1. Hi Laura. I’m sorry I have not kept up with blogs this summer so I didn’t know you struggled with the hurricane. Grateful you & your family & Chihuahua are safe and good. Today I plan to do cross stitch & watch football while ignoring any politics (ha!). Looking forward to seeing you post on your big road trip! We went to an RV show last week & my hope is to someday see the whole country that way. Anyway thanks for being a bright spot of sunshine on the internet.

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    1. My husband and I have talked about getting a small RV someday! We are specifically interested in the “Casita” which is made here in Texas. It’s small enough to be pulled by a regular vehicle (no need to buy some huge, expensive truck) and has all the necessities (sleeping/dining, kitchen, and bath). Here’s a link: 😀

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  2. We’ve had the foot on the gas for weeks now. Helped move Sarah out of DFW to our home, her temporary domicile for the next few months. Hopefully, if all goes as planned, the new restaurant will open up in Savannah, GA in December and she’ll be moving down there by the beginning of November.

    We’re also preparing for my parents to arrive for their annual October visit after serving in Ethiopia over the summer.

    Before you know it, the holidays will be here! 🤤

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    1. I enjoy how Sarah has been able to pursue her dreams with her career! I think she was in Texas for oh, five minutes? LOL But it just shows how good she is at what she does. I know y’all will be so happy to have her a good bit closer.

      Have a great time with your parents! I’ll be looking forward to lots of photos!

      (And hush about the holidays! I am no where near ready for that. I heard the other day “Only 14 Fridays until Christmas” and I almost passed out. LOL)

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  3. As your sister, Angie, may have mentioned, I have injured my shoulder and messed up my left side–as only I could have done. Trust me to fall differently than anyone has ever fallen before. I fell up and into the truck in the pouring-down rain. We were on the way to my class at UHCL in my husband’s truck, and we had stopped to buy a pair of shoes at a store near the university. While I was picking out the shoes and being fitted, there was an unexpected, terrible thundershower. Of course our umbrellas were in the umbrella stand back at the house. My husband went to bring the truck up to the curb. I had the huge shoebox anchored with my left arm across my chest, and I grabbed the “handle” I haul myself into the truck with, put my right foot on the running board, and pulled. As I propelled my body into the truck, my wet hand let go of the handle, and I fell over, landing from my hip up, striking the console in the truck with my extended left side, ribs and all. I must have been a sight with my legs dangling outside the truck, kicking, trying to get up and get the door closed on me (the water was pouring into the seat and upholstery). We slammed the door and I straighten up and buckled in. I was soaked and went on to the university where I taught my three hour course, shivering in the wet clothes because of the air conditioning. By the time we made the return trip home in the truck, I was in agony. I had such pain that I lost the Captain D’s supper My Better Half went back out for, and hardly slept at all Wednesday night. The clinic is closed on Thursday, but I e-mailed Angie and told her I had a “problem.”
    Friday at the clinic they worked me over and gave me several treatments and a massage, and by Saturday I felt like one big dull ache instead of one sharp pain. Today, Sunday, I am doing better, but I intend to keep the appointments I made for Tuesday and for Friday of next week. What would I do without friends like Angie and Doc and the clinic here in Alvin?

    Sometimes it is a good thing to live in a small town, and it certainly helps to have “friends in high places.”

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    1. I am so sorry to hear about your fall — and you have my true sympathy and empathy. I, too, am a bit of a klutz. A few weeks ago I was talking to a friend from New York who now lives here in Texas. I mentioned that I was sorely tempted to move to Ohio, where my friend Renae lives, because she told me there are no earthquakes, tornadoes, or hurricanes and she sees maybe two mosquitoes a summer. My New York friend said, “You don’t want to do that. The winters are brutal! I remember slipping on a snowy sidewalk just trying to walk from one store to another!”

      I laughed and said, “I do that walking across my living room!” We all had a good chuckle.

      Later that night, around 2:00 am, I got up to go to the bathroom. I didn’t realize my husband’s golden retriever had decided to sleep at the foot of our bed, and I tripped over her in the dark, falling hard on my knees and hands. So I don’t think staying here is going to protect me from falling. But this is where my family is, so I guess that’s a good reason to stay. 🙂

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