There are so many needs across my home state of Texas right now, so many people affected by Harvey and the flooding afterward. I ask you to consider donating whatever you feel led to give, whether it’s $5 or $500, to this Jones Creek couple. Wendy and her husband, Jim, are facing more challenges than just a little mud in the living room. Jim’s status as a heart transplant recipient prevent him from going into their damaged home at all due to his fragile immune system. Wendy is working her regular job as an administrative assistant, taking care of Jim, AND dealing with the aftermath of a badly flooded home with no flood insurance. My husband works with Wendy, and we are currently giving two of their beloved dogs a place to stay while they are displaced from their home. Keep in mind, even if you can only give $5, when many people do that, it adds up. Thanks for your consideration.

via Fundraiser by Robin Huff Stowe : Harvey Aid for Wendy and Jim

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