We are back. My favorite guy and I went on an 18 day road trip covering over 4,000 miles to celebrate our 25th wedding anniversary. I have to say, if we were able to travel from Texas to South Carolina to Upstate New York and home again with only two very small squabbles, I think we are good for the next 25 years. (Hey, everyone gets a little cranky after traveling 600 miles in one day. Don’t judge.) I have to tell you, I was already planning our next trip before we made it home. I’ve really got a hankering to see West Texas, specifically Big Bend, and possibly the Macdonald Observatory. I’m so lucky my guy is the easy going sort and will go just about anywhere with me — doesn’t really care when or where. He just throws some clean boxers in a bag and starts up the car!

I hit the ground running when we returned and I’m still catching up on business. I took a ton of photographs during our travels and I’ve a lot of stories to tell. (I spent part of our last couple of driving days typing rough notes on my iPad while my guy drove, so I wouldn’t forget things.) It’s going to be a few more days before I can get things written and posted the way I’d like, though. I’m thinking about doing “daily” installments, where I tell the story of each day we were gone, and share some corresponding photos, too.

Let’s shoot for starting Monday. See you then!

Road Selfie (Usie?) when we ventured off on our own after spending a few days with our Honglings in South Carolina.

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