We decided to break the trip into two parts.  On Sunday we drove from Jones Creek to New Orleans, where we took advantage of the opportunity to visit my dad and his girlfriend.  Early this morning, after breakfast and an all-to-brief visit with them, we loaded everything into the car again and got back on the road, bound for Decatur, Alabama.

I will be honest.  While I’ve been very excited at the prospect of visiting our dear friends after too long a separation, I have not been excited about the prospect of the travel involved in this visit.  First of all, I’ve never traveled so far from home without my husband.  While I’m perfectly capable (for the most part), there’s just something comforting about knowing he’s there in an emergency.  So that’s been worrying me.  And then there’s the weather forecast.

Oh. My.

For days, every weather forecast I reviewed promised unpleasant, if not downright terrible, weather.  The further north our route took us, the greater risk we seemed to be for icy roads and worse.  I kept checking the forecast and asking my husband questions about tires and ice and what one does when encountering icy conditions.  (My dad advised pulling over into the first available motel.)

Sunday morning after the service, I asked our associate pastor if he would keep us in prayer while we traveled.  He prayed for us right then and there, and I immediately felt better about everything.  We hopped in the car and began heading toward New Orleans.

I am so happy to share that we did not encounter one bit of rain, ice, sleet, or snow on either day of our travels!  It is such a comfort to know that God has everything under control, and He cares about our every need.

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