I’m sitting here at my desk, trying to take care of a few things before I spend tomorrow packing and then Sunday traveling to a wedding in another state.  There’s still quite a bit to do on my list and I am having a tiny bit of trouble focusing, but I’m enjoying background music of a new kind and I don’t really mind that much.

The college-aged kids at our church recently started a Monday evening Bible study with our pastor.  They meet each week at the local coffee shop and drink hot drinks and think deep thoughts and talk about how they can navigate their way through life with God’s help.  They call their group “The Dragon Slayers” — a name that I love, because I imagine them traveling through life from this point forward, slaying all the dragons that try to tempt and deceive them away from their relationships with Christ.  I can’t help but think of Peter, Susan, Edmund and Lucy in the Chronicles of Narnia — wielding swords and shields, side by side.  It makes me smile.

So anyway, that background music I’m listening to?  This evening the group met at our home for a game night.  The original three members invited several friends (in hopes of growing the group, I’m sure) and so we have seven young adults filling our usually quiet home with lots of conversation and laughter.  I heard someone say “Can we do this every month?”

I hope so.

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