From all appearances, today was a terrible day.  From the moment my girl and I left, I wanted to be back home in my warm, dry house.  At least I thought that at first, because it was a grey cloudy day, and lots of rain fell from the sky.  I didn’t think to check the forecast before we left and the sweater I chose to wear was more cute than warm.

But in the same way you can’t judge a book by its cover, you can’t judge a day by the way things start out.  While my girl attended her honors history class, I grabbed a cup of coffee and some steel cut oatmeal at Brew N’ Bake and read some more of my book, Epic Grace.  I’m really enjoying that book!

Rain was still pouring from the sky when I picked her up at the college, and we ran errands in spite of the storm.  She bought me lunch at Apples Way (thanks, Jami!) and then we went to Hastings to pick up some magnetic bookmarks and a planner.  While we were in there, the skies REALLY opened up and we were stranded.  Stranded in a bookstore.  What a terrible fate…. I do not know how those six books managed to make it to the checkout counter with me.  Hmmmm…

Finally we were able to run to Collins Music Center in Bay City to pick up some music books for two of her piano students.  She read aloud to me from The Blind Contessa’s New Machine, a novel by Carey Wallace, while I drove.  Some people do not read well aloud, but I really enjoy listening to her read aloud.

Home from all the errands, safe and sound in spite of the rain.  A really nice afternoon with my girl.  I am blessed.

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