So I am working on this “prayer without ceasing” thing.  Carrying on a conversation with God throughout the day, and it’s been interesting.  Something really incredible happened this evening and I’m thrilled to share it with you.

My niece requested a Pandora bracelet rather than a senior ring, and her mother gave it to her for Christmas.  My niece asked her mother to choose the charms and my sister selected charms that had great meaning for both of them.

This evening they were running errands at an outlet mall about an hour from their house, and when they were almost home, my niece realized her bracelet had fallen off her wrist somewhere along the way.  When I talked to her, she was very upset because the outlet mall is large and the odds slim that someone would turn it in if it was found.

I suggested that while her mom drove she call the stores they’d been to, to see if anyone had found it.  After we hung up the phone, I prayed — I asked the Lord to reveal the location of the bracelet to an honest person, someone who would turn it in so my niece could recover it.  After I prayed, I decided to call my mom and ask her to pray with me for the bracelet’s return.

The Lord is so good — roughly an hour after the bracelet went missing, my niece called a shoe store they’d visited and the sales clerk discovered the bracelet in a boot my niece had been looking at.  I’m so glad that my niece’s bracelet has been found and so in awe of how the Lord cares about even the most “minor” details in our lives.

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