Boy, is it hopping around here!  The teen girl is finally home from her “world” travels and we are running to get the loose ends tied up with regard to her college registration.  Considering registration ends in twelve days and classes start in twenty-one days, I guess we’d better run!

Kind of, sort of related to that is a recent plantation shutter job I secured.  A large Catholic church in a nearby community ordered 32 plantation shutters from me for their Family Life Center.  I am so excited and thankful, because that will be quite the feather in my cap, to have that job in my portfolio.  Not to mention the fact that it will come close to paying tuition and fees for at least one, if not two semesters for the teen girl at the local college.  What a relief!

I’ve got two shutter quotes I need to finish up before turning in tonight, so I guess I’ll say goodnight for now.  When we get back into a routine (or at least some semblance of a routine), I plan to blog here more often.  I have several ideas for what I think will be quite entertaining posts.  Come back soon, now, ya’ hear!

4 thoughts on “Busy

  1. Um…. you haven’t finished registration? Hope she gets the classes she wants/needs. Maybe your local college is different than ours up here (or the ones we’ve dealt with) but basics fill fast for the best times. How many hours is she planning on taking?


  2. If she doesn’t get them, it’s not my fault. I finally had to tell her if she didn’t finish her application by the evening of July 11, I was going to take her ticket and fly to D.C. in her place (she visited her aunt for five days). She said, “Well, that’s motivation!” and got it done.

    We butted heads earlier today because she does not want to take a full load — she’s going for an associates in general studies. The recommended classes for the first semester are all right up her alley: no math or science — so if she’s going to take a “full” load, this is the time to do it, when she’s taking the classes at which she excels. Truthfully, we are “flying blind” — don’t have a clue which teachers are best, etc. I suspect that if completing the registration process is a little bumpy this semester, it will be a valuable lesson learned and it won’t need repeating. 😉


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