Always a fan of Francine Rivers, I really enjoyed this blog she posted a few days ago.  I was especially amused by her granddaughter’s comment regarding the neckline of a woman’s blouse.  And then I thought, “How sad!”  Give it a read and let me know what you think of her hope for the return of 1950s’ clothing:

Clothing of the 50’s | Francine Rivers.

One thought on “Clothing of the 50’s | Francine Rivers

  1. You *know* how I feel. 😉 I dress 40s/50s every day. It’s comfortable, prettier, and it makes so many people smile. Also, when crouching down to grab one of the munchkins or pets, a knee- or calf-length skirt provides what I like to call “the puddle of protection”, the fabric pooling around the woman in question and not revealing a thing!

    Still no to flats, though. I own several vintage-style pair of court shoes with lower (1-2″ heels), but being 5′ tall and curvaceous, flats just plain don’t cut it!


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