In less than 48 hours, we will celebrate the 16th birthday of the most beautiful thing we’ve ever been a part of:  our daughter.  I can’t believe that we are so close to the day when she’ll go out on her own as an independent woman.  It won’t happen for a few years yet.  But when I think of how fast these 16 years have flown past, I can’t help but prepare myself for the day she leaves as if it were tomorrow morning.  I’m not a “natural mom,” in that I didn’t play with baby dolls and I don’t rush to grab the newborn when someone shows off a new baby.  Truth to tell, babies and even young children scare me the tiniest bit.

But I have loved every bit of being “mom” to this little girl – I can’t imagine what my life would be like without her.  I love her so very much.

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