Okay, I know I don’t blog here much any more, but I need to vent and this seems like a good and safe place to do it.


So what would you say if your supervisor put you on a “growth plan” because he’d given you a less than stellar evaluation?  You might think there’s a reason for it — then again you might not.  Someone I love is being harassed by the next person up the food chain and I happened to see the “growth plan” …


I would say that if someone is going to tell you how crappily (and yes, that is a word in my world) you do your job, they sure as heck ought not have SIX misspelled words on the FIRST page of the “growth plan” …. and this does not even take into account the poorly constructed sentences.


“Domins”  (should be “domains”)

“evaulations” (should be “evaluations”)

“obsevations” (should be “observations”)

“deficiences” (should be “deficiencies”)

“competion” (should be “completion”)

“acitivities” (should be “activities”)

“quanity” (should be “quantity”) (on page two)


I can understand the occasional typo … I make them myself.  But with the beauty of spell check, (and any secretary who’s worth half her pay) this is just inexcusable.  In addition, the supervisor signed this … shame on him for not reading over what he signed … if he is such a GREAT educator, in a position to tell my loved one how much he needs to improve, he should never have let something like this leave his desk without correction.

3 thoughts on “Need to Vent ….

  1. And let me clarify something – it’s our firm belief that the things being done in the name of “growth” are actually steps being taken in hopes that he will quit … you see, he has seniority and thus a larger paycheck than some “green behind the ears” just out of college person would have.  They don’t want to have to pay unemployment, so they think … “let’s make him as miserable as possible so he’ll quit and we can hire a newbie for 1/2 the money.”He’s hanging tough, though, and doing the excellent job he’s always done, though their “professional assessment” does not reflect that … he’s not going anywhere without a fight.


  2. Tell him to hang in there.  I am a firm believer that truth does come out and people see reality…. eventually.  Someone higher up will take note.  At least your loved one gets real evaluations, even if not valid one… get this.. my loved one does his own evaluations…. he fills it out, has to talk third person and then takes it in to get it checked by the man who signs it…. is that not the stupidest thing you’ve ever heard of.  Just get rid of it if you don’t have the time to do it.  The thing is…. my loved one is quite honest and doesn’t blow things up to make himself sound good and his boss will still have a few things to add that are really really petty little things.  You understand why people are self employed… until you get to the massive amount of work and income issues.  lol  (you can understand that one can’t you.)  Sorry it’s a struggle there…. yup, hang tough!


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