I am trying to remember something I wrote several years ago.  For a long time, it was the little header under my Xanga title “Chisel and Stone” … then I changed it to the bit about the Rosetta Stone and apparently I did not save my original phrase.  A friend and I were discussing quotes and how beautifully turned the English language can be by a true wordsmith.  I had written this little one sentence bit about the moon one evening when I walked outside … comparing it to a thin Mercury dime, and the bare branches of the pecan tree to black lace against a navy velvet sky, and I really liked the way I phrased it … for the life of me, I can’t remember exactly how I worded it and I can’t find it anywhere on my computer.

5 thoughts on “Sad …

  1. I KNOW!  LOL  Stupid grammar check — it kept highlighting the whole thing saying it was a FRAGMENT.  ?????  I was tired and kept thinking, “Am I missing something?”  I stuck the comma in there and the stupid grammar check was appeased.


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