I managed to get our income tax return and payment mailed via certified mail earlier this afternoon, so that’s not worrying me any longer.  I also dropped the fabric and instructions off at the drapery workroom for a special project I’m working on for a client.  She owns a condo on the beach near San Luis Pass and the sunlight is INTENSE in the mornings.  She has nice custom blinds in her windows, but needs something to help minimize the glare.  Fortunately her windows are FIVE inches deep, which is going to allow us to move the blind to the front of the window and install sun control shades behind the blinds.  The “special project” is basically a stretched canvas made of a wooden frame covered with the sun control fabric.  We are going to screw this to the door in the master bedroom and the two inch blinds will hang in front of it.  Our hope is that these treatments will still allow some sunlight to softly filter through, but reduce the intensity and glare.  I think it will work.

Tomorrow will be busy – I have yearbook work to attend to, school work with my girl, and appointments to schedule with clients.  It’s all good, though.

Still trying to come up with additional means of income when the blind thing is slow.  Hmmmm ?????

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